Message from the Minister (MoC)

"5G will be the connectivity fabric of the emerging new era of ICT" ...


Message from the Chairperson(Secy-DoT)

"India is gearing up to embrace this new digital future with our focus on 5G readiness" ...


Message from the Co-Chairperson(Secy-MeitY)

"5G implementation cells would create the right ecosystems for speedy implemenation" ...


Message from the Co-Chairperson(Secy-DST)

"One can be confident that an excellent beginning has been made" ....


What's New

Conference '18

India Mobile Congress 2018 @ New Delhi (25th to 27th Oct 2018).

IEEE 5G: Whats new

IEEE 5G and Beyond Standards Database

IEEE 5G: Whats new

IEEE Future Directions Talks 5G: Kaniz Mahdi, Ciena

Call for Papers on 5G

Energy Efficiency for 5G Wireless: Last date 15th Aug 2018

Call for Papers on 5G

Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum for 5G/B5G : Last date 1st Nov 2018

Latest Articles

Global Benchmark Analysis of 5G Policies and Initiatives

The Broadband India Forum (BIF), requested Policy Impact Partners (PIP) to prepare a comparative overview of the 5G policies and market development initiatives promoted by the five countries considered to be global leaders in 5G: China, Japan, South Korea (Republic of Korea), the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Roadmap for 5G in India

For India, 5G provides an opportunity for industry to reach out to global markets, and consumers to gain with the economies of scale.

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