5G Landscape

5G wireless will usher a major societal transformation by massive expansion of the role of information technology across industrial, commercial, educational, healthcare, agricultural, financial and social sectors.

Capability Description 5G Target Usage Scenario
Peak data rate Maximum achievable data rate 20 Gbit/s eMBB
User exp. data rate Achievable data rate across coverage area . . 1 Gbit/s eMBB
Latency Radio network contribution to packet travel time 1 ms URLLC
Mobility Maximum speed for handoff and QoS requirements 500 km/h eMBB/URLLC
Connection density Total number of devices per unit area 106/km2 MMTC
Energy efficiency Data sent/received per unit energy consumption Equal to 4G eMBB
Spectrum efficiency Throughput per wireless bandwidth and per network cell . . 3-4x 4G eMBB
Area traffic capacity . . . Total traffic across coverage area 10(Mbit/s)/m2 eMBB

Technology Roadmap

  New radio frequencies
  Massive MIMO
  Edge computing
  Small cells
  Beam forming
  Radio Convergence

5G Services / Applications

  mMTC-IOT, Smart sensors, massive machine communication
  eMBB-Virtual Gaming
  uRLLC-Smart Vehicles, Remote Surgery, Factory Automation, mission critical applications

Indian Scenario and Use Cases

  Rural Healthcare
  Tele-health (eg. Remote Sugeries)
  Agriculture (eg. Soil Health)
  Traffic Management
  Waste Management
  Automotive (eg. Smart Cars)

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